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#397541 - Greywind didn’t have to be told twice he brought his muzzle forward to Tailsa lips and clash together she moan heavily into the direwolf mouth as he slide his tongue into her mouth she lay slowly on the bed followed by Greywind as he stood over her body that was still covered by the towel he growl into her mouth which make her moan with passion as she wrap her legs around his body. Tailsa moan as the dick started to enter her pussy soon it was inside her again as she bound up and down on Greywind he growl alongside her as the nude women was moaning like crazy Greywind snarl as he move his dick up fast as he ever could they were both enjoy this more than they realize Tailsa bend down to capture Greywind lips again in an passionately kiss he growl into her mouth as his dick was close to cumming in her she moan as she hugged the wolf with her arms moaning like crazy. Greywind howl as she moan into his neck she was breathing heavily as Greywind collapsed on top of her she held him in her

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