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#125285 - I saw her tits and nearly blew my load, they were better than any I had seen so far, mostly 13 or 14 year old tits, these were real womans tits, full not saggy and with the best nipples I had ever seen. V put her hands on my hips and pulled me towards her, the first shot of spunk landed on her chin and tits, the next shot right into the air and over her shoulder I had lost control now and was wrapped up in the realisation of what I was doing, shooting spunk over V, and her begging for me to do it. V had her eyes closed and kept mumbling ‘Oh god, oh god’ I stumbled and landed on my back on the floor, V smiled and leant down over me ‘That was very naughty of you, to shoot your spunk all over me, now you’ve calmed that lovely big cock down, its V’s turn’ and with that she stood up and put one leg either side of my chest and started to rub her fanny ‘I am going to show you my cunt, then if you want to you can stick that big fat cock right up me and give me a real good fucking, I want to

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