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#365476 - I'm 5 foot 9 inches tall I'm not out of shape but my belly gut poking out it seemed to give me a chubby look that I hated. The people were loud and moving fast all around us. I had tried to put my hand over it but just as I did that a stewardess came buy to check on our tickets and noticed my cock in my hand and giggled to herself and walked away.

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Fuuka toyokawa
You definitely have talent if you wore lipstick to match your nails then spit his cum into your hands and then licked it up that would have been truly awesome
Whats his name
Chiho aikawa
Perfect form my goodness ass so soft it jiggle with every stroke priceless
Love your body
Sailor neptune
Simply delicious mmmmm bet its soooo sweet
Maya yamada
You rock babe