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#356490 - The Upset Sister-in-law, One cold winter morning was to be like no other in my life, as i got out of bed my wife still fast asleep it was only 5am and work started at 6am, off to work i went but about 10am my sister-in-law ( Andrea ) called my mobile crying asking me if i could pick her up , but as i was stuck at work i had to say no, later when i had finished work i got in and could hear my wife Jane talking to Andrea , there she was sitting in the living room with a black eye and bruises to her face , her boyfriend soon to be her ex had came home drunk slapped her about and kick her out ,Jane asked if it would be ok to let her stay till she found somewhere else to live , as money was tight i said yes but just as long as she pays her bit to the house, as i work most mornings and Jane worked most nights in a bar till closing time it was normally just me and Andrea , soon she was moved in and took the bedroom next door to mine and the wifes , some times when i was getting up fo

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