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#83489 - As they crossed through the living room and out the back door to the back yard Jessica's eye's went black as she saw the blazing fire pit, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!! Jessica screamed but made no attempt to break free of her bonds as they approached a large picnic table, You know what to do Jessie Steven said sternly, Jessica was very afraid but did what she knew Steven wanted her to do, she moved as close to the table as she could until the table touched her thighs and then bent her back forward placing her stomach and breasts flat and waited for the pain she knew would be the last thing she would ever know. Only that I hope you all choke on my meat and meet me in hell Jessica said and then closed her eye's and took a deep breath as Steven forced the spit through her cervic causing her to scream out in extreme pain, AAAAHAHHHHHHH-EEEEEEEEE was all she could get out as the spit pushed though her passed her stomach and in to her ribcage, all the other guys cou

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