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#221226 - OHH NO please open the clamps dont let it do that to me please, oh please was all she could say as she still felt the sharp tip and feared it would continue its journey deeper into her pussy and out of her mouth as she now knew that was its intended design. The young man also held Jessics's interest as well so when he asked the young Jessica Would you house sit for me this weekend Jessica's quick reply was sure I would love to after he left that night Jessica ran right over to begin her tour of duty as weekend house sitter this should be a good chance to get to know this man a little better, you can always tell what a man is like by going through his stuff she thought as she opend the door and yelled Honey im home! to no one in particular knowing the house was empty. Jessica could now feel the sharp tip of the spit tear through her cervix and enter her uterus, the pain was terrible but she refused to scream out to give this man any satisfaction, he was alrea

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