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#241800 - I start to slowly thrust, pulling back and then penetrating her a bit deeper, she pulls away and clenches her teeth together, groaning loudly as I pierce her tight little pussy, I lean closer and whisper in her ear “God baby, you’re so tight” She move closer to the edge of the table as my cock slowly slide deeper, her moans is out of breath and it feels like her nails is turning my shoulders into hamburger as she dig her nails in over and over again as I slip deeper with each slow thrust “Nnnnnn…. She cries out in a pleasure filled pain as my groin slap hard against hers “God…I swear it feels…like you’re in my tummy…” She pants as her orgasm passes, “Lean back on your arms baby” She complies, leaning back, propping herself up on her elbows, I watch her face as I start to slowly thrust my cock slowly in and out of her. She lowers a hand and touch her pussy, lifting her hand she looks at the mess on her fingers and then lick her fingers clean, she lies back, spread

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