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#445265 - Jason then asked us “who is more scared?” nether myself or cat replied, but I was gently pushed forward by cat, Jason smiled warmly looking into my eyes, I felt he could see every thing of me, laid bare before his steady and attentive gaze, “well lets get you tied in then” he said plainly giving nothing more away than a look, realizing what he was saying I began to protest “I was thinking that as I’m the most frightened, I would get to watch first” he held my gaze without flinching while his smile increased in warmth I could fell myself melting under his gaze like an ice cube in the warmth of the sun, “sorry” he replied with mischief darsing in his eyes, “this way is better” I felt myself trusting this angel before me as his warmth washed over me. It all started on a cold mid winter morning, my best friend cat dragged me out of my warm house and told me we had to do something out of our comfort zones, I had no idea what but cat had a plain and I trusted her, so we piled in her car

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