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#87321 - when i got home my lady maid said to me what you doing back home leon? i said got sent home for trying to hit a jack ass i went up stairs to my room and text harvey saying hey baby hows school? harvey text me back saying its boring wish i was at home with you i text harvey back saying i bet you do because im about to get all wet harvey text me back saying babe dont say things like that you getting me excited ((with a winking face)) i text back at put o well you have to sort me out when you get to my house tonight i went back to bed all day and was soon woke up by harvey after his detention i said in a sleepy manner i dont wanna get up harvey put his hand up my t shirt and said come on babe get up i wanna go out with you tonight i said go where harvey said your see i got out of bed tired and put on a jacket and a pair of pants and said im ready babe harvey took my hand and took me to his car i got in and went back to sleep on the passengers side when harvey woke me up

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