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#285333 - After each of these things happened the girl had a weird look on her face like she didn't know what had just happened. they both collapsed on the bed olivia she looked at him dazed you will remember none of this I want you to walk to your car drive home and if your parents ask where you've been tell them we were at the library and we are partners for a project in science got it? Yes sir He walked her down the stairs and helped her get her clothes on oh and bitch whenever you're horny you think of me and masturbate thinking of me by you will not cum only I can make you cum you find an excuse and come here got it? Yes sir He watched her walk out and down the street heading towards the school he thought of the cum that must be leaking out her sore little ass and got rock hard as his mom walked through the door. As he walked to school his headache subsided but he still felt kind of weird.

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