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#405489 - Even though she had saved up enough money to last her several months, she thought it best to get busy finding a job. Lisa's tongue snaked out and lapped at the wet vagina while Paula leaked like a sieve, as Lisa hungrily licked up the honey dew! I feel like such a slut,moaned Paula, as she thrust her hips forward into Lisa's mouth, I love showing my body to other women, it makes me so wet, she went on!!! Lisa looked up and asked, Do you like my breasts?!? Paula, between pants stammered, I love your big chest and low cut bra! Do you like being around doms, asked Lisa? God yes, whispered Paula,I love being taken by a big dyke, right in my pretty vagina! By now Paula was being whipped into a frenzy by the dirty talk and Lisa's persistent mouth. When she takes care of me, it's usually with her strap on dildo! She loves to take me from behind, and I love it too! One thing she makes me do is always, and I mean always, wear pretty frilly lingerie.

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