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#394493 - I was now watching a guy tell me what we’re going to do to get the incredible India experience but all I ever noted was how good this guy actually looks and he was very simple apart from the formal clothing that seemed to be suiting him well, he also had a cute face with perfectly lined eyebrows, eyes that came with pitch black that could leave you lost in them and the perfect lips that left me questioning what the fuck I was doing admiring a man’s face! I tried again and again but could not get back to what he was saying, now to give me the itinerary he sat on the edge of his seat on the other side of the table for newspapers and reached all the way to the my side to hand it over. We sat along the waves and he kissed me again and told me that I was the best thing that happened to him in a long time. I came out ever so satisfied as he held my flat hips with his left hand and helped me walk out of the stream making me feel like a princess that had been rescued by a charming prince

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