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#164058 - During the introductory phase, I suppose he could have been trying to justify why my sister was with him, and the way to go about for him had been to (in a painfully arrogant way) act as if being very wealthy somehow made him into an important person, worthy of respect and therefore, by extension, also a suitable partner. Most likely though, they didn’t really care, and if anyone was looking, which I gather at least some of the dads must have been when they could get away with it, they’d be too preoccupied by her to give me any attention. As the morning arrived, and Sandra gently tapped on the door to ask whether we would want scrambled eggs and bacon, I was undeniably still tired, yet also thankful that a mentally arduous night had come to an end.

Read Ftv Girls Rika, Otona ni Shiteageyou - The idolmaster Van Rika, Otona ni Shiteageyou

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