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#112181 - ” Tom looked his boss right in the eye, “Look I have about two more days worth of work here before I can get over to the west coast. Also there was the marketing and points of sale that he handled. When mommy and daddy would take me to like other peoples house that are just like us ~ you know ~ all of their other special family houses that are our friends ~ well, like sometimes the mommy’s and daddies who are there let their kids who are just like me ~” There was a very long pause as Kristen started to think about what she was saying to her therapist and decided it was okay to tell him yet another deep dark Foster secret.

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Inosuke hashibira
She has such an intense eyes that that makes you want to lick her whole she falls in love with just seeing this thumbnail you fall in love just seeing this thumbnail
Iroha tamaki
Leona levi