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#29560 - i was shocked when Ben asked if we had some cards and suggested strip poker. He started rubbing me and rubbing my clit I was squirming as he went down on me his tongue licking me sucking my clit I moaned, it seemed like my time should be up, but he kept sucking me, then he came up and rubbed the head of his cock on my wet pussy I looked at my guy and he winked at me, I felt the head of his cock sliding inside me, oh yea I moaned and he slid deeper and faster in me he started fucking me good and hard I laid back on Ben and he was playing with my tits I started moaning and said I'm going to cum, I started fucking back and exploded cumming on Joe's hard cock as he kept fucking me. I went over and hugged and kissed my guy and asked if he enjoyed watching his girlfriend be a little fuck toy for his buddys yes he said did I.

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