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#214480 - We was watching tv and erica was on the couch and i was sitting in the chair. So i ask him if i could go to erica's for the night, and of coouse he told me to ask my mom, When she got off the phone i went into the kitchen and asked if I could go, She said she didn't see any problem with it. I started licking her pussy as deep and hard as i could, then she started to orgasime, she tensed up and said the fingure her asshole, it took me a second to realise what she said, but i reached around an started to finger it, but it was so tight, i finilly worked my finger in and she tensed up and asked if i would like her asshole, i really didn't she the pleasure in it, but what the hell, i rooled her over a speaded her cheeks apart, and stuck my nose into her crack and started finiering her asshole with my tounge, and was finering her pussy with the other hand, then she tensed up and start screaming, then she went limp and we both just layed there, wore out and sweaty, So i said

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