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#141014 - Are you girls ready now, asked Dan, 'cuz I've been ready for half my life!?! The boys led the two wobbly legged girls over to the pool table, where they lay them down on their backs with their legs spread wide, leaving their vaginas gaping open. Neither of them had ever seen any other girls naked save for their sisters, so they were more than a little interested to see what another girl looked like in the all together! Dan was used to a girl a little more developed than Alicia was, but the look of her lithe lean body was making his penis grow hard in his jeans. Shall we jerk them off, asked Alex, I think Donna here is about to pop! Yeah, replied Dan, Alicia needs it too, am I right, girl??? Fucking stop talking and do me, hissed a very hot Alicia, still trying to grind her box into Dan's hand!!! The boys then went at the two hard clits with a vengeance, the result being both girls having cunt rocking orgasms in front of the two brothers.

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