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#362291 - Rachel was a full figured young woman with very large heavy breasts and wide womanly hips, created a most appetizing sight for the male of the species, but it was her vagina that was covered with a thick coat of brown pubic hair that was her most alluring feature!!! She tried to cover herself with her arms, but it was impossible to hide all of her womanly charms while Deacon Hancock led her to the altar and announced, The only way for you to be cleansed of you sin is if you are taken by a man of the cloth in the presence of the Lord! Rachel shuddered in fear, but offered no resistance when the Deacon lifted her upon the alter and spread her young thighs wide apart. If they had, they would have seen Ben Barker and Hank Flowers poling their boat within thirty feet of them, their mouths hanging open in stunned silence at the sight of the two naked teenagers. John opened the front door, only to find three members of the town council standing before him with grim looks on their faces.

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Ryoko hakubi
Awesome stuff especially the chewing
Chiharu hiroe
So huge cock