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#104808 - that when you potty in your panties you become very sexually aroused, isn't that right, dear!?! Yes, Winnie replied barely above a whisper, that's right!!! As she unwrapped the rubber panties, the woman asked a matter of factly, Do you have a full bladder right now, dear!?! Uh, yes, came the quick reply, and I'd better find a rest room pretty quickly or I'm going to have and accident!!! Ignoring her plea, the woman went on, Tell me now, is your vagina aroused right now!?! Just hearing the woman ask such an intimate question made her shiver, and Winnie replied huskily, Yes, very much so!!! Mmmmmm, the woman hummed, that's very nice, lift up your skirt and slip down your panties, I just love seeing young women with flushed vaginas!!! Jesus it was getting warm, and almost like she was on automatic pilot, Winnie lifted her skirt and slid her frilly panties down to her thighs and let the saleslady ogle her freshly shaved vulva!!! My god, she

Read Casting Ookikuna ~ Re!? - Touhou project Assfuck Ookikuna ~ Re!?

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