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#399993 - Marcia Ingram glanced out the window from her living room and then checked her watch for the tenth time in the last five minutes, Where is he, she said softly, he's fifteen minutes late!?! She continued paging through her magazine and was startled when the doorbell chimed indicating someone was at the front door, she jumped up and quickly covered the twenty some feet, opened the door, and invited the blonde haired young man into her parlor!!! Good afternoon, Peter, she said graciously, and how are you today!?! Just fine, ma'am, he replied softly, and you?!? Uh, good, very good, she answered, would you like something to drink, maybe a soft drink or coffee!?! No thanks, ma'am, he replied, I'm just fine!!! You're a little late today, she offered!!! I'm sorry, he replied, my last appointment went a little longer than usual, I hope I haven't inconvenienced you!!! Oh, no, she answered quickly, I was just wondering, that's

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