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#300564 - My first experience was when I with a friend of my fathers who was 35. I told him that I had been sucking cock for two years already, he told me that I was almost as good as any of the hot women that he had been dating, that excited me, and I started sucking his cock for all I was worth, sucking hard up and down, stroking his shaft with my hand, it only took about two minutes, before he started grunting, he tried to pull his cock from my mouth, I guess he wasn't sure if I was ready to swallow, but being the cum whore that I am, I grabbed his cock, and feasted on the wonderful cum that he shot down my throat, ummm, it was yummy. He started teasing my clit while two fingers slid inside my pussy with ease, and started fucking it.

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Misae nohara
Fuck i love that look on chicks short short hair
Merribit stapleton
She can clean my houses anytime