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#228234 - Jack said that he did not Know who he was Lair thought his teeth as his Pod told him every thing when he was growing up and Jack being around 450 years old he was still classed as an infant to the Umbra and their long live Jack knew what he was and what his people could do but jack just whent along with it to try and get out of the lab and find his other half. the war was over a box with unimaginable power that it could destroy a solar system in a matter of seconds and still have power left over too destroy the rest of the galaxy. This is my first story plz read, enjoy and send feed back The year is 3033 and the galaxy is in need of guardians to protect we start off on the planet trench were their is a baby boy that names of the parents were Jack and Lucie shadow.

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Akiha tohno
Awe some
Meiko honma
Very hot
Himiko yumeno
Cinematography and passion makes this amazing