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#114418 - She smelt, and tasted, delightfully soapy - as only a freshly-washed young girl can! I crammed my tongue as hard as I could between her chubby thighs, and forced my tongue upwards – evidently hitting the right spot first time, since she groaned breathlessly and I felt her knees begin to buckle. The knuckle of my second finger roughly squashing her clit wasn’t even deliberate - but certainly seemed to be appreciated! “I NEED you to fuck me … right now … PLEASE!” That was all the encouragement I needed! - I LOVE being ‘talked-dirty’ to - but ESPECIALLY by one who looked (and should have been) so sweet and innocent! My cock seemed instantly to know what was expected of it, and rose to the occasion! I plunged my length straight in to the hilt in a single movement, then rapidly began thrusting in and out of this normally-willing little girls body, not giving a shit that her back was being ripped to shreds by the roughness of the concrete floor.

Read Granny Kokujin VS Shougakusei Vol. 3 Amateur Porn Kokujin VS Shougakusei Vol. 3

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