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#34640 - They got in their cars and drove away as i walked back inside i was thinking of what tomorrow would bring More sex hopefully. Dave sat on his chair and pulled me over with him and asked if i wanted him to fuck me first i nodded yes and he told me to climb up and sit down on his cock slowly as it would hurt when he broke my hymen so i climbed up and he held me as i slowly lowered down taking 2 then 3 inches inside me then he stopped and said im at your hymen now if you are ready then i will push hard and then stop so you are used to it i will start to fuck you i was ready and he said it will hurt then the pain will go away i clenched my jaw as he thrust hard and broke my hymen then stopped till the pain had subsided then slid in 6 more inches i asked how much was in me and he said 8 inches 4 more to go do you want it all i nodded yes and he lowered me down even more till i had all 12 inches inside my tight little pussy it felt amazing the other guys were pinching and twisting my nippl

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