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#339779 - He told me to stand still then proceeded to remove my clothes as he pulled each piece of I got colder and colder my skin rose up in goosebumps everywhere when he yanked my bra down my nipples instantly hardened sticking out like creamy jelly tots he lowered his head to them and sucked my sensitive right nipple into his mouth catching me with his teeth I jerked back but he grabbed my hair and held me in place while he mauled my breasts sucking and nipping me it sent a thrill through my entire body I could feel my love juice seep from my honey pot and soak through my lacy knickers. No part of this publication my be reproduced all rights reserved by the author. He walked over to his desk and told me to stand before him on the other side, it was so surreal like he was some kind of psycho he never said a word just rearranged his desk putting everything in orderly lines down each side of the desk, I started to relax as he didn't seem to acknowledge my presence how stupid am I !!

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