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#6314 - Rubbing her shin as if in deep thought, Miss Peters questioned, Does your mother have a large chest too, it sometimes runs in the family?!? Oh yes, Steffi replied quickly, she has a bigger chest than I do, 38E I think, but it's very large! I thought so, Miss Peters went on, I think we have a clearer picture of our problem, don't you?!? Steffi didn't really see any problem, but she nodded her head in agreement and waited to see what solution Miss Peters would come up with! I believe the bra you're wearing now gives you quite good support, offered Miss Peters, so I think it's in your best interest to let me see it so I can recommend the proper bra for your athletic training! Y-you want me to take off my bra, asked the eighteen year old doubtfully?!? Come, come child, I don't have all day, take off your bra and let me see it, right now, ordered her teacher sharply!!! It was the kind of order you just didn't refuse, so Steffi stoo

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