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#258716 - Foxx took me to the office yesterday, and boy was it ever exciting!!! I got to sit and watch him wheel and deal all morning until at about eleven he called me over to his desk where he started kissing me and rubbing my cock through my pants!!! I was really getting hot and bothered by all of the attention, and after pulling down my pants and shorts he put me over his knee and gave me a hard spanking!!! Every once in a while Mr. Foxx was looking them over his client was doing the same to me!!! When he realized how interested his client was in my hard penis, he nodded his head and told him to go ahead and suck me off, which he quickly did!!! The old guy just loved my hard pecker in his mouth, and I have to admit he was pretty good, so when Mr. Foxx’s mouth with a really big load of cum!!! Yummy!!! Wellllll, I’ve go work to do, this is Jamie signing off for another day!!! March 23 Dear Diary, I know that I’m only twenty years old and that Mr.

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So hot and sexy
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Hola soy nueva