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#220122 - as I looked up I could that her little nipples where pushing out trough her top, I put my other hand on her tit and squeezes it her face was a picture of pure lust but she still faked sleep so I played along with this and pretend she was asleep, I took my hand off her shorts and started to pull them down her legs, omg, she had no hair at all on her mount, so I took them off then the tank top off, no one could sleep trough this, I started to suck her beautiful little tits from side to side you could see her biting her bottom lip to stop her moans , I then moved down her belle on to her mount and that beautiful pussy, I licked her (pussy from clit to ass) for at least a half hour her body shook severely times whit orgasms and still she kept her eyes shut she turned as if she was stirring in her sleep but I know her pussy was tickling from the onslaught she just had, I could not resist her Ass so I started to lick on it more, I just found heaven on earth I put my finger in a bit then to t

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