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#287214 - Cori, now totally spent, slumped down on the toilet gasping for breath. Where to, he asked, as they hurried towards the elevator. Out popped a slim hard penis that stuck straight up in the air! Cori moaned as the young girl ran her tongue up and down her wet slit while the boy smiled at her and asked, Would you like me to masturbate for you Ma'am? In a hoarse voice, Cori squeaked, Oh god, please! Cori watched with glassy eyes as the young boy worked his hand up and down his hard shaft while the boy commented, Tell me when you're going to cum, and I'll ejaculate my sperm for you, okay?!? Cori could only shake her head, as she was now sweeping towards another orgasm! The mouth on her pussy was relentless in it's attack on her clit as she was now being hurtled uncontrollably to her cum! As her clit started to explode, she said in a wavering voice to the boy, S-shoot it now, I'm c-c- cumming! As her cunt began its spasmodic contractions, the boy looked

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