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#232151 - I rocked up at around 10 pm dressed in a matching purple, lycra, crop top and leggings combo with white running shoes, My small backpack had everything else I needed. “ oh god, stop, I'm so sensitive”, I announced looking down at him with glossed over eyes “ this pussy taste so good, I can't help myself baby girl”, he said prying his face off my pussy to meet my gaze Leon rose up on his knees and removed his tank top, he then slipped out of his shorts, his beautiful, black, cock almost at full hardness as it stood proud between his legs, I lustfully stared at it knowing from experience it had a few more inches to grow before it was fully aroused, I reached out with both my hands to fondle it, sliding my soft fingers along the shaft as Leon groaned out and moved his hips closer, my legs were on either side of his thighs as I teased and caressed his manhood with tender, loving care, his cock twitched upwards causing me to smirk mischievously before I wrapped my right hand a

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Shizuka kuonji
I can watch that asshole wink all day
Make another joi hentai like this with oil