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#321978 - i thought about pulling away but my god did this girl know how to suck a cock she slid her tounge from my balls to the tip and then ran her whole mouth back down to the base this felt amazing and i could feel my balls churning up a huge load for this little slut, she must of realised i was ready to cum because she did somthing i didnt expect she shoved her index finger up my ass. that was it for me i had never experianced anything like it before and blew what seemed to be a gallon of hot creamy cum down her throat. Please not that tis is a work of fiction and i do not condone child abuse in the slightest,this story is just ment to titalate the reader INTRO Chris, Are you going to come then? My mum was nagging me to come to my little sisters birthday party, She had just turned 13 and was having a big party with all her friends.

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Cure chocolat | akira kenjou
Definitely would like to see a vid with you playing with some toys and talking dirty love how cute your voice is
Ning hai