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#5865 - But now, really did not care as the hands were together wedging their way into her wet slit, stretching her open further than she had been stretched before. s that sagged little, and her ass was an equal firm 40 inches! She just reeked of perverse sex appeal and was the kind of woman that seemed to have no trouble attracting any man, black or white! She had married into money, but not on purpose as the man that had the honor of sampling her charms for the first time was a college boy that had a gift of talking women into his bed and only did so for sex! He had done this with the promise of marriage, but at the last minute would always call it off, something he did often using marriage and a big diamond ring as bait. Old Tom produced a lock pick, and in moments had both the slave collar and ankle shackle unlocked and laying on the floor! Sybil never having been with a man especially a young man was even more unsure about older ones! As she looked closer at him, he had flipped o

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