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#122630 - The following week there was a family meeting three of the girls (the three youngest) had missed their periods, excuse me, had no-one ever thought of contraception, so here I am getting screwed by everyone and now three of my sisters-in-law are pregnant, oh happy days, I spoke to the girls asking them if it may be a good idea if they at least used condoms from here, they all shook their heads, if I could get the three youngest pregnant, I could get the rest done as well, seems they all wanted a child, and they all decided me being the dad was ok, I was beginning to worry about this family. After about a month everyone seemed top be settled in what was happening, I noticed that I was getting sensation in my left arm and hand, not a lot but I could feel it, not what I would call pain, but not really nice either, young Danielle was giving me a pussy pasting one morning when I started to come, without thinking my arm moved and although I had little or no movement in my fingers, I pulle

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