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#96955 - After the movie, we are standing by his truck, when he looks into my eyes and pushes me up agains the truck, and kisses me like I have never been kissed before, his mouth is hot against mine, as he deepened the kiss his tongue pressed against my lips I let him in, feeling is tongue against mine only made the heat that much worse,I grab his belt loops and pull his body against me. I stand 5’7” about 130lbs, long golden brown hair with greenish blueish eyes, I hope he won’t completely blow me off today, that would be the worst kind of rejection. I slowly grind my hips against his dick in his pants, he pressed it harder against me moaning, I wrap my leg around his hips as he kisses down my neck, my legs are wrapped around his waste as I continue to grind my hips against his monster cock, I am so wet and turned on that I moan and he grinds upwards into me.

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