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#80054 - i've seen you snooping around when i get out of the shower hoping for a glimpse i slide my hands up until they meet at your zipper and i start unbuttoning your pants fucinhigh08: erica stop your mother is sleeping in the other room i say wiggling around a little not really wanting you to stop yankees2girl: then you better stop making noise i smile as i start pulling your pants down hinting for you to lift your ass up a bit to help me fucinhigh08: jesus your fucking crazy i say softly as i lift my ass a little letting you slide my jeans down yankees2girl: i drop to my knees yeah, well your just as crazy letting me i don't pull down your boxers yet, i just run my fingers up the legs of your boxers getting a little higher with each stroke fucinhigh08: well do you blame me look at you, you're fucking gorgeous i say grabbing my hard on through my boxers then grabbing your hand and putting it on my cock yankees2girl: i whisper oh my god under my

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