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#88386 - From the side I saw Les give Flame a sniff of the mare's scent, followed by a loud snort, and my back took a few more slaps from his cock, I asked for more poppers, as Flame's cock pushed against me, what hole would he choose, then I knew, My butt was opened up with one hard push At first about 6 inches or so went in, but as Flame once more took a sniff of the mare’s scent, my body was rocked as he rammed his stiff member hard into my abused butt, I yelled out, then quietness filled the air, the breath knocked out of me, his cock fully home, in 3 or 4 thrusts, oh boy did it hurt, I called out for more poppers, as Flame fucked me. As I wriggled wildly my orgasm built up higher still. Mark let me know he was Cumming, his grunts and grown filled the air, as cum flowed free, oozing out alongside his arm, when he slipped out, I swung around, licking his cock dry, as another filled my pussy with cum.

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