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#180334 - You poured petrol over their corpses and set the house on fire, but eventually, a month or so later, the cops arrested you on DNA evidence and you were charged with double-homicide. With one hand you keep the vice-like grip on my hair which is forcing me to stand on my tiptoes, and then with the other you suddenly seize one of my breasts through the thin material, mashing and mangling it in your broad ebony grasp, and easily batting aside my feeble attempts to protect myself. Like most women, I have had my rape fantasies – but never, ever, did I fantasise anything like this horror: to be the terrified and powerless victim of a muscular black hate-filled lesbian dyke, my face still stinging from her brutal slaps, my breasts aching from her vicious pinching of my nipples, my cunt burning from being savaged by her monstrous strap-on plastic cock, raped in a stinking prison cell on a smelly flea-ridden mattress with cruel guards laughing at my degradation and fear, tears streaming dow

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