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#55941 - To: Ginny Weasley From: Padma Patil Re: YOU and HARRY! Oh my GOSH! I just heard about YOU and Harry! And on the Quidditch Pitch! So, tell me, is he all of those 13 centimeters? And, what DOES he look like under those robes? You lucky girl! See, dreams DO come true! - Padma To: Harry Potter From: Ginny Weasley Re: The Quidditch Pitch According to various people, I'm given to understand I jumped you or you jumped ME on the Quidditch Pitch. Can I have an autographed copy? Snuffles the Sniffling To: Harry Potter From: Lord Voldemort Re: Re:Re: Your Terms I loathe you Potter. I'm on lunch break and at the rate your going, my Mmailbox will start sending me Howlers.

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