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#165925 - Yes, Yes I understand Cindy but I’m not happy that you led Jan astray when you knew our feeling of only playing together, I shall have to receive a full set of all the photographs from the weekend and believe me you shall be punished although possibly not tonight as I see you have come with a very nice peace offering, shall we open them & partake. Jan awoke to the noise of the garage roller door closing, Jim retrieving her overnight bag & they both walked slowly into the house with Jim suggesting a glass of wine & snack before bed. Jim replied by pulling Jan in for a deep & sensual kiss, rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples, Jan raised herself up off his lap just far enough to undo his belt pulling his zipper down and freeing Jims cock, Jan then slid slowly to her knees & proceeded to lick & suck his cock all the way to his rose bud then back up along his cock, circling the tip with her tongue before taking the full length down her throat, Jim was enjoying the sensation and whe

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