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#214292 - We lay on the floor for a little while and then getting up Jessica told me to shower, when I came back she had gone, walking out of the changing rooms I could see her standing by the pool, back in her swimsuit, I realised she hadn’t showered or cleaned up, the thought of her still cum filled pussy in her swimsuit gave me another hard on. Being caught by surprise like that I didn’t take a breath and came up spluttering and coughing up water, Jessica was just sitting there laughing and to get her back I made a grab for her hands to pull her in, I missed and ended out grabbing the tops of her thighs, taking a good hold I pulled hard and felt her slip off the side, before I could move my hands she had dropped into the pool in front of me and my hands had moved, one of them ending up between her legs pressing hard against her pussy.

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