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#127735 - It's your bid, Kimberly, Marion said, we don't have all day, you know!!! Keep your shirt on, Kimberly replied good naturedly, I'm thinking, I'm thinking!!! About what, Barb chimed in, it certainly mustn't be about bridge, you've been half a step slow all day!!! Oh give her a break, Billie offered, when you've gone without for as long as she has you get a little antsy!!! As the other three women cracked up, Kim replied snippily, I bid two hearts, and I got some last night if it's any of your business, so there!!! Ohhhhh myyyyy, she got some last night, so big Mike finally came across for you did he, asked Marion, how long did he last, all of two minutes!?! Again the table was regaled by a spate of laughter that even Kimberly had to join in on as she replied, Well, a little longer than that, but not much!!! The four women continued to play and pick at each other for the next hour or so before Barb asked seriously, Say, Bill

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Gunzou chihaya
Really really nice