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#85213 - Because of the drugs making feel brave I decided I was going to try and finger my older sister so with one hand still firmly wrapped around my cock and one hand between my sisters legs I stroked my finger up and down her labia pushing gently closer to her hole. I wonder if I could pull the covers back a bit and get a look at her lovely large tits I know it was a bit risky but she was sound asleep and I could hear her lightly snoring. I removed my finger and bought it up to my nose and took a sniff god it was so dam nice I all moist spicy, tangy, slimy and warm I wanted more so I put my hand back down and slipped my finger back into her labia, my finger located her hole very easily this time and it slipped into her right up to my knuckle god it was hot, very wet and slimy in there I wondered if it was just her body responding while she was asleep.

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