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#176265 - Know I never really was into making out with guys but this fired me up I turned around put my arms around him and he pickede up and held me tight as we kissed in the moment. Know this was amazing I could bearly walk and I was exhausted his cock was amazing but this I wasn't expecting he stood up over me and was strokig his cock I was expecting some more cum or for him to fuck me some more but he said open up bitch I did and he started to piss I squirmed an he just grabbed me holding me down and put his cock in my mouth It was so nasty he was pissin down my throat most of it was shooting out o the sides but there was a lot of it and I had to swallow just to breath after he finished he said now clean yourself up bitch ad get out I felt so used and dirty but all in all it was hot. Once we got to his place and into his apartment he asked me if I wanted another drink I declined he said ok and he asked me if I wanted to shower I said ok.

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So sexy so horny i want to cum inside both of you
Haruka yuzuhara
Your lips are so sweet