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#250204 - “Spread you legs wider Mudblood” I was about to move but I stopped myself at the last second. “Daddy I’m sorry for coming on your shoe” his shoe was removed and he was soon standing in front of me. “Do I make myself clear Granger?” “Yes master” The night was long and I was to never leave masters side, only four questions were ever directed at me and as instructed I answered briefly and returned silent again, the vibration of the metal ball were becoming harder and harder to ignore, nearly Cumming twice through the night, I was about to nearly reach my limit as they stopped again I leant over to master.

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Great vid love hearing her moan the way she was only suggestion i d make is to wear some kind of mask the blurring kind of ruins the bj but i still enjoyed it
Kanako watanabe
God damn that was sexy i want your juices dripping down my beard mmmmm