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#302310 - The security agent had told her to hold her hands up high over her head each time she went through. She skilfully maneuvered her fingers, turned slightly had found my “Big meaty clitoris with one hand”, while the other was holding a drink as if what she was doing was just a normal and natural thing! Again I could not remember one thing she said, my eyes were getting bigger and bigger as I stared straight ahead ,. It just seemed like a natural thing for me to do “As I took a big mouthful of her clit and lips something I had fantasized about doing to black women numerous times”! I was beginning to feel much warmer now sucking and trying to hurry up peeing at the same time, but my attention was not focused on relieving myself, and you know how hard that is when you've had more to drink than you should, and have been holding it for some time.

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